Monday, April 27, 2015

4/26/15 Partial Post - Snow, Pictures from our Walk

Just to let you know we are here and doing well.  This has been a very crazy week - we had the missionary District conference on Friday, the Institute MTC day on Saturday and the Volzhski Branch's branch conference on Sunday, and we're headed to a FHE with some people we've been trying to get into for several months .. so we're sending some pictures and will add to this post later tonight.  As Aaron said a long time ago when he had to give the Family Home Evening lesson ... 
The church is true.   There's work to do.    We agree with both.

We got about 4 inches of a very wet snow on Wednesday, but it was warm enough that by the next day it was running in the streets, some places quite deep.

Some pictures from our Sunday walk - just buildings we liked or thought were interesting.  The walks are expanding our world.  Each time Mike picks a different route and can still find our way back home.  I'm like Hansel and Gretel and if he left me anywhere I probably couldn't find my way back. This building has offices and apartments.  Many of the apartment buildings have stores on the bottom floor and then apartments on all the floors above.
This if the first hotel we have seen in downtown Saratov.  There is one the church uses when people come but it is closer to the Volga.
 And we think this is a school
Mike was able to get the trolley in this one, looked cool with the lights on.
 The blue building in the background is one of our landmarks.  The first time we saw it was not long after we came and we thought it was the light hitting the building.

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