Sunday, November 2, 2014

Volga, Baptism, Conferences 11/2/14

 Kind of a cloudy day, but still a thrill to actually be on the Saratov Bridge which crosses the Volga to join Engels and Saratov which are both part of the Saratov district.   Engels has one of the three baptismal fonts in the mission so all baptisms for our area are there.  We had studied and read a lot about it before we came, still hard to believe we are here.  There is a picture earlier from the shore where you can see the bridge in the background.  We do like the Volga. 
This is the baptism - because they were there for the conferences, President Schwab (left) and Elder Klebingat (right)  and Brother Ridd attended.  Made it even more memorable for Ivon, who is in our Institute class.

 Below is another picture of the building we meet in, but a better shot of the whole building, we are three floors up.
 This is inside the building for the mission zone conference and the Saratov District Conference - like our Stake Conference - Sister Schwab - the mission president's wife you can barely see, Elder Klebingat of the Seventy is on the left and Brother Ridd  from the Young Men's General Presidency (his wife is in front of him)  
Sister Schwab asked the MLS Couple here - Jorgensens (on my left) and us if we could fix something so they could feed the visiting authorities before they had to go to the airport. Sister Jorgensen is a blessing and great to work with.  It was a bit intimidating, but things have a way of working out and it went well even with some adjustments for food things we couldn't find.  They are all very gracious and comfortable and fun to be with.  Including pics so you can see our frontroom.  Mike moved the kitchen table into the frontroom because the kitchen isn't big enough.

Because we are in a corner we have lots of windows, which we both like.  This is the corner of the front room, 
All for now .. more next week.  


  1. Hello Mike and Lynnette, sounds like your settling in. It's turning a bit cold her but I don't need a coat like yours Lynnette ;) . You look very snug and warm In yours. The pictures are sure fun and reading your blog the last couple of Sundays makes me feel like we had a good visit look forward to many more. Hugs
    to you both keep up the good work.

  2. I'm so glad that you have a blog and are posting about the incredible experiences that you are having on your mission! It's so fun to keep up with you! May the Lord continue to bless you as you serve Him and the people of Russia! Hope you are able to stay warm! :) Much love to you both from Australia! Jen