Monday, November 17, 2014

Denis & Carol Ashton 11/13/14

Our post follows this - but wanted to add this post from the blog of  some good friends from St. Johns, Arizona days.  This is from the day they were leaving the MTC.  Thought you would all enjoy it, touches your heart:
         Day 1 - Friday
We got up about 6 a.m. and started packing the truck back up in the "cool" morning air.   We got most everything loaded up and then it was time to load the really "important" things. 
Elder Ashton loading the bikes 
There were several other couples loading up the "important" things, too and it was so funny it made me laugh out loud!   Elder Ashton was loading his bikes, the guy across the way who had only been there 5 days came down the stairs carrying his 36" flat screen TV and loaded it into the back seat of his car. Finally the couple that lived 4 doors down and had been there 5 days also loaded those things that were most important to them.   The Sister was a tiny little lady with white hair and she came out gently carrying two house plants which she very carefully placed in the back seat.   Her husband slowly followed her, very shaky in his walking, and also carefully loaded his "important" things on the other side of the back seat - high top basketball shoes.  

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