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9/20/15 - Fullers' soap, rug, soccer (football), teaching

What is fullers' soap?  Interesting beginning for this week's blog.  Reading in 3 Nephi 24:2 which references Malachi 3:2-3  But who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner's fire, and like fullers' soap;  So Christ makes is possible for us to be clean and here is the explanation of fullers' soap, something else to add to what my brother used to call my walking encyclopedia of unrelated facts:

"A fuller was someone who cleaned and thickened (to make it "full") freshly-woven (usually woolen) cloth. The process involved cleaning, bleaching, wetting and beating the fibers to a consistent and desirable condition. Fuller's earth was a variety of clay that was used to scour and cleanse the cloth. Fuller's soap was an alkali made from plant ashes which was also used to clean and full new cloth. Since fullers required plenty of running water, along with the natural substances described, a fuller's field was a place where all were available for the fullers to conduct their profession."  Aren't you glad you know this...  :) 
A few weeks ago we mentioned a grandmother, mother and daughter who we had to dinner, a family of artists.  This is the picture you have already seen that the mother painted:

The daughter, 16, was sitting next to me at an activity and was going through her YW notebook.  This is the picture she had done in pen - Rebecca at the well.
Monday is our cleaning day and as I was shaking the rugs, decided I couldn't snap them hard enough to get all the dust out.  We have one window that opens up over nothing but an area with plants in it ..  enough said, the picture should say the rest.  Maybe not such a good idea.  Our window (4th floor) is right above where you can see the rug (3rd floor).  If the occupants of that flat decide to push it out of their window, it will only land on a canopy over the first floor.  It is comforting that there are enough floors above us they won't know who dropped it.  Note:  they did get it out of their window but were nice enough to toss it so it went to the ground.
This woman is out no matter the weather, praying all the time.  The missionaries say that if you put money in her cup she prays for you.  The young missionaries can't give her anything,  but we can and Mike often puts in some.  As far as I'm concerned, when she's kneeling on the ice, she earns it no matter what it is.  She does use a thicker blanket in the winter.
 We needed to clean the fridge and we had leftovers .. this was a good solution to the problem.  We do have exceptional,enjoyable missionaries here...and not just because they appreciate home cooking.
Many of the buildings new and old have images like this on them - wish we could tell you what it was and why the cat .. but on holidays almost all of them will have flowers on them like this one.
Repaving the area where the cars park
and tamping it down .. they work hard and fast to get everything done while things are dry.
 Elder Plettig, our new zone leader, from Germany.  He has been out about ten months and went into the Provo MTC knowing only German and a very little bit of Russian.   He does well now in Russian and English.  He grew up in the church, but couldn't come on his mission until he had finished our equivalent of Bachelors because his school doesn't allow you to finish your program if you leave before you're done.  This was at game night, they had investigators there .. he said he hadn't done this for about five years.  Took a bit, but it was fun for everyone.  Someone of you try it !!
 Nobody really was paying much attention at first, but as the time went on, the cheering crowd grew.
 you just can't see them, they are at the right out of the picture
 except for Ilia
 This last level took several tries before he could get them to stay.
From the inter-branch soccer game we went to last Saturday
Most of them just come and play but this new convert plays a lot on the side too.  Nevertheless, they all do quite well.  Obviously he was a definite advantage to his team.  It was especially fun to watch him as he kept the ball corralled between his feet as he moved it down and away from everyone.  And he is a great young man.  He has baptized his mother and younger brother.

 Dad taught his English Gospel Study class at the stadium after the game so the kids didn't have to make the trip over to our apartment - it was about a 30 minutes taxi drive for us to get to the game.

 This is my view from the stands while he was teaching.  There was a very competitive soccer game going on.  They call it football - the football we play here, they call American football.
The weather has been perfect for walking in the evenings - wide walking street and lots of people out doing what we all are, soaking in the good weather before the cold comes.  We're going to miss it, but certainly grateful we've been able to enjoy the time walking.  It is comfortable and safe to be out.  Wish the pictures could also give you the feeling of the leaves falling and people talking, many young parents and babushkas pushing baby carriages.

We are the "them" in this scripture:
Fourth Nephi 18 - How blessed were they for the Lord did bless them in all their doings.
Grateful to you all for being part of our lives and our families lives.

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