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3/15/15 Blue Suede Shoes, Ducks and Ice Chunk Graveyards

            Even if we gave you one hundred chances to guess what we did last Saturday, you still might not think of it.  Our district includes eight branches close and scattered, and for the district party celebrating women's day all together, our district president asked Mike if we would dance for one of the numbers. At the Institute's Valentine party we had country danced to one of their popular songs with a good beat - and apparently president was among those who stepped in to watch.  That kind of dancing is a novelty here.  I do like to dance, but was not even a smidge excited about that assignment and a little surprised Mike was so willing to do it, but he doesn't turn down assignments whatever they are. The fun part was practicing during the week in the evenings - but practice and prayer paid off.  We changed into levis for the dance, they turned on Blue Suede Shoes, and it went well even though we were on a carpeted "stage," which is the podium area of church - good sized, they just take down the front panels that divide it in meetings for those who sit on the stand. The older people were enthusiastic and the youth were most likely just surprised that people our age could move that fast. And it seemed to open some doors - members who were friendly but reserved, came up and were warm, smiling and holding a thumbs up, which seems to be a universal positive in every language.

We had one other part to do, so asked one of our members, who is enthusiastic and comfortable in front of a group, teach the line dance, Cotton Eye Joe, to a group of guys he called up from the audience - it was great.  He came equipped with cowboy boots, a dress coat that looked Western and a hat.  We kind of showed him the dance last week, but mainly went to the video on You Tube where he learned it and added to - they don't do it with nearly as much class or pazaz as he does.

Sunday's are difficult sometimes just because that is when I really notice the communication barrier.  Often a missionary will translate for us in Sacrament Meeting, but for Sunday School and Relief  Society the sister missionaries go to the class their investigators go to.  In Sunday School we can kind of follow the lesson because of the scriptures and in  Relief Society I do  have the manual in English.  There are usually Elders in Priesthood so Mike is good there.  As Mike has said, sometimes we ache to be able to hear their thoughts and stories, to know how they feel and what they think, to understand those things that make them laugh or be very serious during a lesson.  He is doing better on the language study than I am.  Once we got over here and I finally got into tenses and conjugations and making all the words in the sentence the right tense because if one word changes often the other words change -- enough said,  I think I will have to content myself with simple sentences and knowing the names of the spices and leave the conversation to Mike.  I'll never be accused of talking too much over here.  And, speaking of grocery shopping - you find all sorts of things you didn't plan on finding - and probably don't want.  And it was in the canned fish section, just passing by, not an area we shop in.  However, if we had to pick, we just might take the cat over the canned fish.
We have a duck pond of sorts over here - just a bit more inaccessible at this time of the year.
 Nature is amazing all the time, these ducks are just as content as if they were in a nice warm pool.  And it makes you understand the statement ..  "like water off a duck's back" .. because you never see beads of water on their feathers.
The small kind of storage sheds at the side of the apartment building playgrounds usually have pictures painted on them, very often the story book characters from home.  Children, always accompanied by an adult, play even when it is freezing cold.  They might be bundled so much they can hardly bend their arms, but they can still do lots of fun things.  The apartments where we are, are pretty small and the kids and probably the adults like being out .. but also here they feel it is imperative to good health to have time out of doors. 
Thought you'd enjoy this bus sign .. it goes on to give you the fines you could have if you are not traveling with a valid ticket.  We wondered if maybe David Stratton with his skill and good spirit of always wanting to help people get their finances in order, had contacted the bus company over here.   
Even though the temperatures are still in the low 30's and the "Ice Chunk Graveyards" where everyone puts the ice they chip off the sidewalks are still there, the sun is melting the ice from the sidewalks so walking is much easier.  (Our district leader and his fresh from the MTC companion)

 Thought you's like to see this one .. at least now they have a path to go up the stairs.
We're so very grateful for Skype where we can see and talk to our our amazing grandchildren, always in our hearts regardless of distance, as they grow up.  

Just some short thoughts from some recent meetings:

A translated comment from an 8 year old who was just baptized - "I want to become a friend of Jesus so he can help me stay on the path." 

Having faith in the Lord includes having faith in His timing.

When Nephi is bound by his brothers in  1 Nephi 7:17, his prayer is for strength to break the bands, not just that the Lord take them away.

And the last one for today from President Ezra Taft Benson:  When obedience ceases to be an irritant and becomes a quest, God will endow us with power.

 Grateful for you all !!  

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