Sunday, December 21, 2014

12/21/2014 Just Some "Stuff"

We had another snow, about 6".  It has "warmed up" and is staying in the low 30's, so it is slushy and icy.  They say that the Volga is even thawed - there is ice in it but the water is moving.  We hope to get down there this week so we can see it.  Next week is supposed to be back in the high teens.
       This picture is taken from our window.  Because there hasn't been a breeze, it is pleasant to walk outside as long as you are wearing several layers ... me with more layers than Mike.  We have several events coming up - 25th, Christmas Day and Carol's birthday.  It isn't a holiday here, that comes on the 7th of January.  Most of that day for us will be taken with the Elders & Sisters using the computers here to Skype,  or whatever else there is you can see each other on.   They are given an hour each.  We remember those calls being longer when our sons were serving their missions - but those were just telephone, no seeing each other.other.   The 26th is the Christmas Zone Conference, 27th is the Branch Party and maybe a baptism,   Since President & Sister Schwab will be here, on 28th we will have dinner here with 5 or 6 who have been baptized within the year, plus a set of missionaries to translate.  That should be fun.
     This is the WWI statue in Lenin Square, which is right across from the theater where they will have Nutcracker.  This is the eternal flame that we posted before, but without the snow.   (You can barely see my bright pink earmuffs.  :)
We had walked back down there so we could find out when Nutcracker was being performed.  It is in the Saratov Academic Theater - Opera and Ballet, beautiful building.
It took us a while with an English/Russian dictionary to figure out when it was and what time.  They list both beginning and ending times, which is good, but it also means you have to know what you are reading.   We have friends here who went thinking it started at 12:30 in the afternoon but that was the ending time.  Mike and his Russian/English dictionary.   Nutcracker is two from the bottom right, just above the blue writing.
Jump back -- they have drying racks in the cupboards so you can wash the dishes and put them up.   There is a long shallow pan that catches any of the water that drips off. - kind of a cool idea although I still dry them pretty good before I put them up there. 
We couldn't find a big grill like the ones we use at home, but did find this - actually has six little wok pans, but it makes great pancakes, hamburgers and grilled cheese sandwiches. 

We miss home, but are grateful we are able to be here, an experience of a lifetime.   The people here and the missionaries we work with are inspiring.  Already our testimonies have been stirred and strengthened.  Closing with this scripture that we like: D&C6:36 - Look unto me in every thought, doubt not, fear not."   

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